4 Examples of Small Capital Craft Business Opportunities with Big Results during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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 Blog Ilmu Pendidikan – The Covid-19 pandemic, which has a bad impact on everyone, especially economic difficulties and earning an income, even many have lost their livelihoods or jobs. With such an impact, of course, everyone is required to be more creative about how to earn money through a business with one example of a craft business opportunity.

Business Opportunities during the Covid-19
Business Oppotunirty

Well, everyone is able to make money because there are many ways to get money if you want to try. So what are 4 examples of small capital craft business opportunities with big results during this Covid-19 pandemic? Let’s read the explanation below.

4 examples of small capital craft business opportunities with big results during this Covid-19 pandemic

1. Recycled Products

One example of a craft business opportunity as a way to get money for a business is to produce recycled products. What is meant by recycling products here, you can produce such as bags, wallets, or other crafts through available plastic or cloth waste. You can use it to be transformed into a craft that has high selling value. Many entrepreneurs have been successful through this recycled product even to foreign countries, the key is perseverance and good marketing through the internet.

2. Acrylic Craft

An example of a second craft business opportunity is acrylic craft. This craft is a small capital business opportunity, but it must require a high skill. If you are very skilled and proficient in making crafts from acrylic, of course this business is very suitable and must be pursued so that it can become a way to earn money during the Covid-19 pandemic. Acrylic crafts can be in the form of trophies, key chains, table decorations, small flower vases, and others

3. Door Decoration

You certainly often see it, for example, at your friend’s house or wherever it is usually on the door there is usually a hanging and unique decoration. Now that is also an example of a craft business opportunity with a small capital that is worth trying, because the materials from the door decorations that are produced mostly only require materials that are quite simple. However, your skills will also be tested in assembling this door decoration, therefore if you are an expert in producing door decorations, of course, this small capital business opportunity doesn’t hurt to try.

4. Wall Painting Decoration

An example of the last craft business opportunity with small capital is to produce wall paintings. Selling your paintings both offline and offline is a way to earn money or income during this Covid-19 pandemic. Make a painting that is aesthetic and unique, so that painting collectors and painting lovers can be interested in your work. The capital spent to pursue this field is also not too large, but what must be considered so as not to waste canvas and coloring paint, of course, you have to make sketches in other media and concepts to minimize the risk of painting mistakes.

That’s an explanation related to 4 examples of craft business opportunities with small capital. Hopefully in this difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic, your enthusiasm will not subside to make money from the internet or from home. Hopefully this article is useful.

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